Adjusting insurance cover


If you are self-employed, you must organise your insurance yourself in order to avoid gaps. This applies for example for the accident insurance. Furthermore, it is important to think about the future – for example, with a life insurance – in order to supplement the benefits of the AHV/AVS and to protect your immediate family against the financial risks in the event of a death.

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Close to you

Close to you

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Flexible combination

Flexible combination

Combine illness and/or accident risks

Clear tax advantage

Clear tax advantage

Income tax-free payout of capital in the event of survival with INVIVA*

You are insured within the framework of the AHV/AVS and the IV/AI. During military service too, you can apply for compensation for loss of earnings. 

Responsibility for yourself and your immediate family

As a self-employed person, you are no longer compulsorily insured against accidents. However, in order to be protected against the consequences of an accident, you have two possibilities:

  • You can take out an optional insurance within the framework of the Swiss federal law on accident insurance (UVG/LAA/LAINF). This way, in the event of an accident, you will receive the same benefit as with the obligatory accident insurance.
  • You can also take out daily accident allowance insurance. However, such an insurance covers only the loss of wages, and not the medical expenses. Therefore, if you choose this solution, you will have to include the accident cover in the obligatory health care insurance.
It is also worth considering taking out a daily sickness allowance insurance, which, in the event of an illness-related incapacity to work, pays a daily allowance and thereby also helps to bear the loss of earnings. 

* With periodic premiums, the payout is always income tax-free. With a one-off premium, the payout is income tax-free if the requirements for provision have been met.