Vorsorgen mit CONVITA: 3. Säule - gebundene Vorsorge (3a)
Fund-linked pillar 3a savings insurance (tied pension provision)

Save with CONVITAsave

With the CONVITAsave pension provision, you pay into a pillar 3a tied pension scheme. By doing so, you invest money for your retirement while simultaneously benefiting from tax advantages.

  • When it comes to your pension provision, it makes sense to start setting aside money for your retirement today.

  • Since the premiums you pay in are fully tax-deductible (up to the statutory maximum), you will save tax every year. 

  • Thanks to the flexible savings component, you can either start small and raise your contributions in line with your income or pay in the statutory maximum from the outset – in accordance with your financial possibilities. 

  • You decide whether and when you want to increase or decrease the savings premiums. 

  • The statutory pillar 3a maximum may change multiple times during the term of your CONVITA policy. If you choose indexed premiums, your premium will automatically be adjusted in line with the new maximum. That way, you get the most out of your savings capital. 

  • With the additional, optional premium waiver module, you are exempted from premium payments in the event of earning incapacity due to illness or accident. If you become incapable of undertaking gainful activity, CONCORDIA will continue paying the agreed premiums for you and you will still reach your savings target.

Minimum contract term: 10 years (otherwise in accordance with BVV/OPP 3).

Payout upon expiry of the insurance at the value of the fund units on the reference date. Payout of 101% of the savings capital in the event of death due to illness or accident.

With CONVITAsave, you get to choose!

Choose between three different funds with different risk profiles and benefit from their development potential.

You can change to one of the other funds in the range offered free of charge at any time during the contract term.

Frequently asked questions about saving with pillar 3 and CONVITAsave: