Vorsorgen mit CONVITA: 3. Säule - gebundene Vorsorge (3a)
Planning for the future with CONVITA – pillar 3a (tied pension provision)

Premium waiver in case of earning incapacity

Earning incapacity should not endanger your financial provision for your retirement. For that reason, we offer you the option – both with CONVITAsave and CONVITArisk risk insurance – of taking out an additional premium waiver in case of earning incapacity module.

  • Financial obligations can become a major burden if you are no longer able to keep up with them because you are incapable of working due to illness or accident.

  • If you take out a premium waiver module, CONCORDIA will pay your premiums for the CONVITA products you have concluded in the event of your earning incapacity. The premium waiver already comes into force from a partial earning incapacity level of at least 25%, in line with the degree of earning incapacity.

  • You decide for yourself which waiting period is financially viable for you. You can choose between waiting periods of 90, 180, 360 and 720 days.

  • When the statutory maximum for pillar 3a contribution is raised, if you have opted for indexed premiums, CONVITAsave will cover the premiums plus the difference between the old and the new statutory maximum – without a health examination.

  • The premium waiver for earning incapacity component cannot be insured separately. It is offered as part of CONVITArisk risk insurance policies for the death and/or disability components and for CONVITAsave.

Frequently asked questions about the premium waiver in case of earning incapacity: