Gesunder Lebensstil dank körperlicher und psychischer Gesundheit, Entspannung und Achtsamkeit
Inpatient stay

Therapeutic offering at psychiatric clinics 

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Choosing a psychiatric clinic

There are over 50 psychiatric clinics in Switzerland.

The range of therapies they offer differs, and individual clinics specialise in the treatment of certain conditions such as depression.

Have you been advised an inpatient stay at a psychiatric clinic?

When choosing a suitable psychiatric clinic, various criteria play a role, such as:

  • Has a clinic been recommended to me?
  • How long is the expected waiting time until admission?
  • Do I want to stay close to home or am I willing to go to a clinic outside my region?
  • In which area is the clinic located?
  • Which forms of therapy do I prefer? Art therapy? Music therapy? Movement therapy, etc.?

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Follow-up treatment – an important topic

Since it is difficult to get timely outpatient follow-up appointments, early organisation of follow-up care during the inpatient stay is recommended.

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