LSV+ und CH-DD
Direct debit and electronic invoicing (eBill)

Say goodbye to paper invoices

Did you know that there are alternatives to paper premium invoices? Choose the direct debiting system (LSV+ or CH-DD Direct Debit, payment authorisation with right of revocation) or electronic invoicing (eBill) and paying your premiums will become child’s play.

Direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or CH-DD Direct Debit

With direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or PostFinance (CH-DD Direct Debit), your premiums are paid to the insurance provider automatically and securely, can be traced at any time and are automatically adjusted when their amount changes.

When you pay premiums via LSV+ or CH-DD Direct Debit, you receive no more premium invoices. The debit note from the bank or PostFinance serves as evidence of payment. 

Electronic invoicing (eBill)

You no longer want to settle health insurance premiums with a paper statement, but you also don’t want to pay with direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or CH-DD Direct Debit? Then we recommend that you try electronic invoicing (eBill) as a method of payment.

With electronic invoicing (eBill), you receive invoices electronically in your e-banking account and can pay premiums and cost sharing quickly, easily and securely.

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