Free choice of doctor and hospital across Switzerland

SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance

Is being able to choose your hospital and treating doctor, from any in Switzerland, important to you? Our SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance offers this option, as well as the convenience of staying in a twin room. Additional benefits such as contributions towards births and rooming-in complement this supplementary insurance.

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SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance - Your advantages

Choice of hospital

Choice of hospital

Free choice among hospitals recognised by CONCORDIA

Choice of doctor

Choice of doctor

Free choice of doctor in the hospital with SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance

For families

For families

Special benefits for families – attractive premiums for children

SEMI-PRIVATE Hospital Insurance allows you to access to the best medical care throughout Switzerland and benefit from the comfort of a double room. It is also advantageous for families: children up to the age of 15 benefit from particularly low premiums.
  • Free choice among hospitals recognised by CONCORDIA throughout Switzerland

  • Free choice of doctor in the Hospital throughout Switzerland

  • Full cost coverage in the semi-private ward throughout Switzerland

  • Twin rooms in hospital for more comfort

  • When rooming-in, the accompanying parent receives up to CHF 60/night for stays at the hospital in which their insured child is hospitalised. This also applies if the child stays with the insured parent who is hospitalised.

  • In the event of an outpatient birth or home birth, you will receive a one-off payment of CHF 1,000.

Thanks to the different deductible options, you decide the share of benefits you are willing to pay yourself. This has a significant impact on the size of your premiums.
  • Optional deductible: CHF 1,000 (12 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 2,000 (22 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 3,000 (32 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 5,000 (42 % discount)

  • Optional deductible: CHF 10,000 (65 % discount)

  • Your premiums are not increased after you receive benefits.

  • Particularly attractive premiums for children up to 15 years

  • Additional contributions of CHF 50/day to medically prescribed convalescence and spa treatments (max. 21 days/year)

  • Additional contributions of CHF 50/day to medically prescribed domestic help and nursing at home (max. 30 days/year)

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