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Flexible choice of hospital ward

LIBERO Hospital Insurance

Do you prefer a little flexibility? Then LIBERO Hospital Insurance offers the ideal insurance cover – exactly as you want it. Keep all your options open and decide freely on your preferred hospital ward every time you go into hospital – whether private, semi-private or general.

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LIBERO Hospital Insurance - Your advantages

Choice of hospital

Choice of hospital

Free access to all contract hospitals across Switzerland

Choice of hospital ward

Choice of hospital ward

Decide freely on admission to hospital – whether private, semi-private or general

Choice of doctor

Choice of doctor

Free choice of doctor in the private and semi-private ward

LIBERO Hospital Insurance is the ideal supplementary insurance for anyone who likes to keep things flexible and wants to choose their level of comfort depending on the situation. Families benefit from attractive premium discounts and contributions toward rooming-in. This means that, as a parent, you can spend the night with your sick child at the hospital and vice versa.
  • You enjoy a free choice of hospital across Switzerland.

  • You choose your doctor in a private or semi-private ward.

  • You are also free to choose the hospital ward before an inpatient procedure.

  • When rooming-in, the accompanying parent receives up to CHF 60/night for stays at the hospital in which their insured child is hospitalised. This also applies if the child stays with the insured parent who is hospitalised.

  • In the event of an outpatient birth or home birth, you will receive a one-off payment of CHF 300.

  • Your premiums will not be increased after you have received benefits.

  • You do not pay any premiums for the third and all further children in a family if the first two children are insured with LIBERO Hospital Insurance.

Depending on the hospital ward you choose, you will contribute a maximum of the following:
  • Private ward: deductible of 35 %, max. CHF 4,000/year

  • Semi-private ward: deductible of 20 %, max. CHF 2,000/year

  • General ward: no deductible

  • Additional contributions of CHF 30/day to medically prescribed convalescence and spa treatments (max. 21 days/year)

  • Additional contributions of CHF 30/day to medically prescribed domestic help and nursing at home (max. 30 days/year)

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