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The essentials in brief

  • What are the main goals of CONCORDIA with the Health Compass?
    For insured persons in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Health Compass is a reliable source of health information. The aim is that you, when making medical decisions together with your doctor, can choose the right treatment at the right time in the right place in an informed and convinced manner.

    It is important for you, as a patient, to know the possible treatments and to understand the individual steps. That is the best way for you to guarantee safe and efficient therapies and treatments. This way, you can prevent a medical error, an overtreatment, or an undertreatment. This improves the quality of the treatment, very often with positive effects on the costs. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP/UFSP/FOHP) estimates that at least 20% of the costs in mandatory health care insurance, or over CHF 15 billion a year, are due to unnecessary treatments.
  • What advantages do I have?
    With the Health Compass, you will receive concrete information and practical aids: from prevention to preventive care to the treatment and aftercare of a disease. We provide you with this information through, for example, personal consultations, checklists or understandably explained benefit-risk comparisons of therapies and treatments.

    Learn more about high-quality and efficient forms of treatments and hospitals. Our recommendations will support you in choosing the treatment that best suits your needs.

    This way, you can make informed and responsible decisions that satisfy your personal situation.
  • Where did the expert information come from?
    The medical, socio-medical and legal expert information comes from CONCORDIA or recognised health organizations in Switzerland. These health organisations are generally national competence leaders in their field.

    We also make targeted use of the expertise of a number of scientifically managed institutions from German-speaking countries.

    Much of our health information on the benefits and risks of examinations and treatments comes from medical associations. The author source is listed in each case.

    CONCORDIA contacted the health organisations whose expert information we use or to whose website we link to ask for their consent. They agree with the publication within the scope of our Health Compass. On the subject, please also note the "Legal Information" and the "Privacy Policy" on our website.

    Our specialised subject content is regularly revised or updated.
  • How do I use the Health Compass?
    The Health Compass offers you guides with important expert information about common diseases and treatments – for reading and downloading.

    What concerns you today? Consult one of the three sections "Treatment Topics", "Diseases", or "Personal Expert Advice”: The Health Compass is a tool designed to allow you to target your research with the greatest possible flexibility.

    The recommendations that CONCORDIA provides, or that certain third-party providers provide through CONCORDIA, in the context of health advice are non-binding, and implementing these recommendations is voluntary and at your own risk. The medical responsibility for diagnosis, therapy and treatment lies with the doctor treating you. We recommend that you contact your doctor for the purpose of medical clarification, and the clarification of any medical issues in any case.

    Access to the Health Compass is free for all persons insured by CONCORDIA. Evaluations of usage behaviour are only possible in anonymous form.

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