Beginning on 1 November 2016, insured persons can now easily and securely request a second medical opinion online under, a site which is also in English and covers the medical areas of orthopaedics and vascular surgery. CONCORDIA bears the costs for insured persons who have taken out one of the hospital insurances from CONCORDIA. You can find more information regarding this here.


On 1 January 2017, CONCORDIA will launch two new supplementary insurances: DIVERSAcare and DIVERSApremium, which comprise special benefits for families and for insured persons with higher standards regarding insurance coverage.


Highest ratings for CONCORDIA

Having received a rating of 5.2 in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by, CONCORDIA ranks among the leading health insurance providers in Switzerland.


For a short time now, generic versions of the high blood pressure medicine CoAproval have been on the market and cost up to 62 % less than the original preparation. Compare the prices yourself


Refer new customers to us and receive CHF 100 for each one that concludes an insurance package.


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